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As we mention throughout our pages, we are committed to producing well rounded Alaskan Klee Kai that are successful not only in the conformation ring, but also in the performance world and in their daily lives. As a result of this commitment, we produce a small number of litters each year and only when we feel that this chosen pairing can produce offspring as strong as they are, if not better. This also ensures that we have the ability to devote the time needed to give enough individual attention to each puppy as they grow and develop.

Your Thurisia puppy will go home with all of the essentials needed to be given a fantastic start:

Raised with Puppy Culture and Avidog Protocols:


We are the first, and currently only US, Alaskan Klee Kai breeder to be listed on the Puppy Culture breeder map. We are also the first Alaskan Klee Kai Breeder Affiliates of the Avidog program. Puppy Culture is a program designed by Jane Killion that details how to raise a well-balanced puppy through his or her first twelve weeks of life. Research shows that breeders have a huge opportunity to improve outcomes for dogs and their people by doing just the right thing, at just the right time, during those first critical twelve weeks. Puppy Culture details everything needed, from early neurological stimulation, to emotional resilience exercises, to leash walking, potty training, crate training, and the prevention of common problems.

Avidog is a program developed by Gayle Watkins and details the best nutrition that can be given to the Dam while she’s in season, as well as throughout her pregnancy. She provides thorough guidance on the right supplements and ratios that are required for the healthy growth of puppies. Avidog uses science to bolster their program of developmental opportunities for puppies so that they can be everything that their genetics will allow them to be. In addition, she also provides important information regarding early scent introduction, ENS, as well as enrichment methods to help puppies reach the peak of their mental and physical capabilities as adults

Both of these programs promote the concept that if you provide the right enrichment environment for the puppy, he or she will be more emotionally stable, be resilient to changing and stressful environments, and have a better ability to train and learn throughout his or her daily life. While this is only the beginning, we believe that this will give your Thurisia puppy the best start possible.

Permanently Registered with AKC & UKC:

All of our puppies will come permanently registered with UKC. The papers will be signed over to the new owners once all contractual requirements have been met.


Vaccinated and Microchipped:

All Thurisia puppies will go home with the vaccines appropriate to their age. Vaccines will be given at least 48 hours prior to leaving our home to ensure that we can watch for any potential reactions. 

Each puppy will come microchipped. We do require that we be listed as an alternate contact should any emergencies occur and you are unavailable.


Health Guarantee:

Although we take many precautions to ensure that all of our dogs are healthy and cleared for breeding, we do offer a health guarantee for unforeseeable congenital defects.

Health Tested Parents:

All parents are OFA health tested for patellas, eyes, cardiac health, and thyroid. We are also ensuring that they have the required clearances for hips, although this is not required by OFA for the breed. The test results of our breeding dogs can be found on each of their pages on our website.


Crate Training:

Here at Thurisia we believe in the importance of crate training. Even if you trust your puppy to freely roam a puppy safe area of your home, you never know when the unexpected may arise requiring emergency boarding or overnight vet visits where he or she will be in a crate. As such, we start crate training at six weeks of age and we encourage you to continue the process to ensure their comfort in a crate.


Lifetime Support:

When you go home with a Thurisia puppy, you go home with a lifetime support network for you and your puppy. We are always available to you by phone, email, Facebook message, text message, etc. should you have any questions or encounter any issues. In addition, you will have access to a Facebook group that not only includes all of our puppy owners, but also a fantastic network of amazing trainers and Klee Kai experienced individuals who are happy to help you. This also serves as a great way to watch your puppy’s littermates and siblings grow and see what they accomplish.

Puppy Pack:

You definitely can’t take home a Thurisia puppy without a fantastic puppy pack. Subject to availability of specific items, your puppy pack will include the following:

  • A blanket that smells like mom and littermates to ease the transition

  • Binder including – puppy information sheet and history, training materials, contract copy, and many photos of your puppy during his or her first weeks with us

  • Sophia Yin’s Perfect Puppy in 7 Days
  • Leash and lifetime coupon for 20% off future leash purchases (including custom designs) from Harbor Hound Co.

  • Collar and coupon for 25% off your puppy’s next collar from Dream n’ Design

  • Kong

  • Treats

  • A bag of your puppy’s current food

  • A stuffed duck toy (A Thurisia favorite!) ​

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