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RACEA DASH NC URO1 CH 'PR' Barkor’s Face of the Rebellion UPAT SPAT TPAT LPAT SVB RATO CGC SPOT TKI Total Dog x3



Everdeen comes to us from our friends at Barkor’s Alaskan Klee Kai in New Jersey. This little girl caught our eye from about week three, and just continued to grow into a puppy that we knew we needed for our program.


Everdeen is a little spitfire with wonderful drive and has already shown a love for finding all of the rats and using her nose. She is not to be hindered by her small size, making friends with all of the big dogs she meets, and enthusiastically greeting new people.


Everdeen made her show debut in the puppy classes in June 2022 and received some great feedback from the judges. We are so excited to see what this little ball of energy can accomplish in the future.


Conformation Titles

Champion (UKC)

Performance Titles

Lost Item Recovery Puppy Aptitude Test (NASDA)

Shed Puppy Aptitude Test (NASDA)

Urban Puppy Aptitude Test (NASDA)

Trailing Puppy Aptitude Test (NASDA)

Trailing and Locating Level 1 (NASDA)

Urban Locating Level 1 (NASDA)

Shed Dog Level 1 (NASDA)

Rally Obedience 1 (UKC)

Barn Hunt Instinct (BHA)

Barn Hunt Novice (BHA)

Barn Hunt Open (BHA)

Trick Dog Novice (AKC)

Trick Dog Intermediate (AKC)

Trailing and Locating Brace Level 1 (NASDA)

Lost Item Level 1 (NASDA)

Trailing and Locating Versatility Bronze (NASDA)

Supreme Versatility Bronze (NASDA)

Precision Coursing Novice (UKC)

Precision Coursing Advanced (UKC)

Novice Containers (UKC)

Precision Coursing Dash (UKC)

Additional Titles

Canine Good Citizen (AKC)

Socialized Pet Obedience Test (UKC)


UKC Total Dog x2 (2022)

UKC Total Dog x1 (2023)

Barn Hunt High in Class Novice x4



Click on a photo to explore Everdeen's gallery!

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