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When you have such a fantastic household of family pets such as we do, you are always on the look out for the best leashes, collars, tags, training tools, training methodologies, enrichment games, and more. As such, we have listed several of our favorite shops, companies, and training tools. We hope that you have as much fun as we do going through them!

Photography, Collars, Leashes, Bandanas, and Treats

The Pawparazzi

Shooting with Moonly has been both a seamless and enriching process. She takes the time to ensure that the right shots are photographed, and take her time editing in order to give the best possible finished product. We have thoroughly loved every moment of working with her, and it doesn’t hurt that she is also a wonderful owner to Arlo of our Dodgers litter. Check out her work here


The Harbour Hound Company

Because who can ever have enough leashes? Harbor Hound is fantastic rope leash company located in Colorado. It is always exciting to dream up new color combinations and leash designs with the wonderful owner of this small business. She is always willing to offer her input, try out new color combinations, or help you design your own type of leash to suit your needs! We hope that you will go check her out here.


When we travel with our pets, we are certain to use Sleepypod carriers and/or harnesses. This company has taken the time to ensure their products meet the highest standards for safety and are some of the only products to be successfully crash tested at the standard set for child safety restraints. We couldn’t be more confident in placing the safety of our pets in the capable hands of this fantastic brand. Learn more about them here.


Dream n' Designs

Dream n' Design is located in Southern California and makes some amazing collars and matching leashes. We have been known to purchase quite a few of her martingale/check chain collars for all of our dogs (because every dog needs at least 10 collar designs, right?). She is always willing to work with you for the best size collar, and will custom fit the length as desired, definitely check her out here

Ruffland Crates

When it comes to dog safety, we cannot emphasize the positive use of crates enough. While we generally prefer crash tested, and passed options, such as SleepyPod, Ruffland provides a good middle ground between car safety and affordability. They are also great for crate training puppies at home in general and are pretty portable. Find them HERE

Magical Objects Primal-1 Edit.jpg


Here at Thurisia, we are all about the right nutrition for all of our dogs. While we are an advocate for feeding the dog in front of you what is best for them (be it raw or kibble), one of our favorites is Primal. This smaller company does a great job at sourcing their ingredients and ensuring that the right combinations are used in all of their formulas, while staying away from synthetic binders and nutritional sources as much as possible. If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, definitely let us know and we will connect you with the right resources to get started. Learn more HERE

Training Tools and Enrichment Games


Nina Otossons Puzzles

Whether you are feeling under the weather, it's a stormy day, or you just need something to keep your dog busy, we recommend enrichment puzzles such as those designed by Nina Ottosson. These games are designed with varying degrees of difficulty and help engage your dog and keep them learning. Some of our favorites include the Dog Casino and Brick Interactive puzzles. You can read more about her products here.


Canine conditioning is always an important part of our training regimen. When working on our trick and agility training, we want to ensure that our dogs have well developed core strength as well as well conditioned muscles in general. We use a lot of the FitPAWS equipment and have a lot of fun with it. Read more about their products here

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