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Please find below our application to be considered to adopt a Thurisia puppy. We take this process seriously, and encourage you to put careful thought and consideration into your responses. Once we review your submission, we will let you know if we have any additional questions or if you have been approved. Once approved, please let us know if there is a Thurisia puppy that interests you. We take care to ensure that we match each puppy to the best home for him or her. As such, we do not keep a wait list, however priority will be given based on when your application was approved. Please keep in mind that the more specific you are in how you want your puppy to look (for example, a black and white puppy with two blue eyes), the longer that you will likely wait. At Thurisia we are strong believers in the idea that the puppy chooses their home; so please keep an open mind. 

Kindly note that submission of this questionnaire does not guarantee you a Klee Kai puppy within a specific time frame. The more specific that you are, the longer you may be waiting for a puppy. We are a small breeding program who's main goal is to better the breed. As such, each breeding is very carefully planned. Typically, the wait time is anywhere from 6 -18 months. Our puppies sell for $3,500. At this time we do NOT ship our puppies. We are happy to meet you at a nearby airport to pick up your puppy. In addition, we can arrange to travel with your puppy to you, however, you are responsible for the travel costs. This questionnaire will become a legal part of your contract in the event that you decide to add a Thurisia puppy to your home.

Please use this link to access our application: 
Thurisia Application

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